Fondita Sustainable Europe wins the UN Global Sustainable Fund award for 2023

We are very happy to announce that Fondita Sustainable Europe was chosen as one of the four winners of the UN Global Sustainable Fund Award 2023. “The 2023 United Nations Sustainable Fund Award,with a theme on climate investment, recognizes the achievements and impact of global equity funds dedicated to investing in climate mitigation and environment protection” is said in a statement by UNCTAD.

The winners were picked from a total of 3 800 mutual equity funds that filled specific sustainability criteria and were therefore eligible for the award. The final decision regarding the winners were then made by an independent selection committee aided with even more extensive sustainability related data.

In short, some of the factors that were considered during the whole process were:

  • Climate sustainability or SDG alignment
  • Investment in key SDG sectors
  • Systematic adoption of ESG & SDG:s in the investment process
  • Visible focus on climate investment
  • Assessment of sustainability disclosure quality
  • Other relevant quantitative or qualitative information resulting from UNCTAD’s due diligence
  • ESG rating
  • Performance

This is an important recognition that yet again affirms the Fondita Sustainable Europe funds focus on investing in companies that are providing climate and environmentally smart solutions. It also shows that the sustainability parameters we integrate in our investment process at Fondita is generating the sustainability profile we strive after. Our ambition is to be considered as being in the forefront regarding sustainable asset management and this is certainly proof that we have been successful.

“Sustainable funds factor sustainability-related considerations into their asset selection process. These funds have become important instruments for channeling much needed capital into sectors that are critical for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the targets set by the Paris Agreement.” 

-Rebeca Grynspan, Secretary-General, UNCTAD

Marcus Björkstén
Portfolio Manager

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