Fondita’s Head of ESG elected to the board of Finsif starting 2024

Our Head of ESG, Erik Wikström, has been elected to the board of Finsif for 2024! Finsif promotes responsible investments that take into account factors related to environment, society and corporate governance. Finsif was established in 2010 and has 99 member organizations today. Half of the members are asset managers, the second largest group is investors and the smallest group of members is service providers. Finsif organizes events, collaborates with researchers and communicates the agenda for investors and related groups in Finland. The goal is to encourage members to integrate sustainable investment issues as a part of investment decision-making and evaluation processes.

Fondita has been a member of Finsif since 2018. Finsif has been a great platform to network and discuss topical issues with experts in the field. As a fund manager with strong integration of ESG related factors in our investment process, we see the possibility to advocate and discuss responsible investments among peers as a significant advantage.  We are excited to now have representation on the board and take the opportunity to share best practices and our ways of working with responsible investing while further expanding our knowledge in the field. Fondita’s priority continues to be a forerunner in the field of responsible investments, as we believe it’s fundamental in order to identify the best investment opportunities.

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